Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bourjois blush Rose D'or photos, swatches and FOTD

Another beautiful blush from Bourjois! Rose D'or is an absolutely beautiful dimensional color that would look great on practically anyone.
It looks like a bright rosy pink in the pot, but it is actually more of a cool toned pink with a hint of lilac undertone. There is fine golden shimmer in it that warms it up.

Wearing rose d'or:
The golden shimmer comes through in certain light, I layered it on heavily to show the color:

In case you don't want to spend $20 CAD on this color, I would recommend trying Hard candy living doll blush (I promise I will swatch this soon). It is nearly identical in base color, but doesn't have the same golden shimmer as rose d'or. Living doll is only $6 so it's a good way to try out a cooler pink color.
As with all Bourjois blushers rose d'or is a dream to blend into the skin and easily build up the color.
I haven't found a Bourjois blush I didn't like. They are all winners!

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mayla said...

This looks stunning on you!

Lexa said...

Hi Mayla! Thank you so much :)

mayla said...

You are such an inspiration. I'm a little ghost too and enjoy reading your blog very much!

Lexa said...

AW that's so nice! Thanks for making my day :)