Thursday, January 20, 2011

Becca mermaid loose shimmer powder photos and swatches

Ah mermaid, how long I waited to find you! I wanted this for years, and just recently got it from a very sweet person I'm forever indebted to.
I have a little obsession with mermaids and the ocean, so naturally I was very drawn to this color.
Mermaid is a discontinued shade of Becca's loose shimmer powder, which is really sad. Nothing quite compares to it, I just had to share swatches.

This is my first Becca product, it's a multi-use highlighting powder. You can apply it anywhere. There are quite a few different colors available.
I can't really describe Mermaid accurately. It's extremely complex and shifts tone in different light. Just imagine a mermaid's fin dazzling in the light, and dimming in murky water. Something to that effect.
There are gold and grey-green tones,

In some lights it looks bronze, others yellowed gold,
and the multi-faceted shimmer is absolutely amazing.
Here I wore it as an eyeshadow:

And I applied it as a cheekbone highlighter:
It's an understated color that just dazzles without being gaudy. I really love it and I *hope* they bring this color back.
Becca also makes pressed shimmer powders, which are supposedly really nice. I think I might try more from this line.
I'm curious, does anyone have a favorite Becca product?

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