Sunday, January 2, 2011

MAC Dangerous Cuvee Paint Pot photos swatches and EOTD

I bought dangerous cuvee paint pot yesterday without swatching it first, and I'll go ahead and admit it was a mistake. The tester at MAC was missing, but just from looking at the pot I thought it would be totally gorgeous and I snatched it up.

Dangerous Cuvee is one of the 4 new paint pots released with MAC's Cham pale collection for winter 2010.

It is very pretty, but it isn't what I thought it would be. From the pot it looked like a mauve-silver shimmer. On my skin it is bright and shiny silver chunky glitter. It reminds me of NARS night life eyeshadow. Very attention grabbing garish glitter.
It is also very sheer.
1 layer:
2 layers:
3 layers:
On my eyes I used 4 layers to build up the color. It looked ok but it creased almost immediately. The mauve undertone is very faint, and can only be seen in certain light.

EOTD breakdown at the bottom.

I'm really not impressed with this product. I was hoping for a little bit more color pay off and less glitter. The glitter likes to migrate as the day goes on too.
I suppose this would be nice for going out clubbing or something. Then again you could use something a lot cheaper for that.

EOTD breakdown:
- MAC bare canvas paint
- MAC dangerous curee all over lid (4 coats)
- Clinique black diamond creamshaper
- Revlon grow luscious mascara blackest black
- MAC vanilla pigment on brow bone and inner corner


rosamware said...

Hi there
Im new to mac and need some do u use dangerous cuve? on its own? with fingers or a brush? do u just use on lid or all over?
please help :)

Lexa said...

Hi :)
Paint pots are really easy to use! You can use them on their own for a subtle wash of color or as a base for your eyeshadow.
Dangerous Cuvee looks nice by itself. I applied it using my fingers, which I find easiest. You can build up the color gradually that way, with a brush sometimes it goes on too thick.
Lately I've been using dangerous cuvee as a base for my Grey & silver eyeshadow and it looks great like that too.
You can even use paint pots as an eyeliner if you use a thinner liner brush.
Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great on you!! A bit of sparkle is always good! I really like it on you.