Monday, January 24, 2011

Estee Lauder peach nuance blush photos, swatches and FOTD

Along with my peach colored craze at the moment, I've been using Estee Lauder peach nuance blush a lot. It's my very fist peach blush! I didn't think it would suit my skin tone, but it looks very fresh and natural.

Peach nuance was released with 3 other colors: nude nuance, plum nuance and rose nuance. They were put out as part of a limited edition collection but Estee Lauder brought back peach nuance and plum nuance into the permanent line recently, due to the high demand for them.

The packaging is sturdy, a little bulky and not the most attractive. It's worth it for the pretty blush inside!

The gradient starts off with a warm light peach, moves into a midtone coral and lastly, ends in a deep pink peach.

gradient of colors swatched separately:

Gradient mixed together:

The end result is a flush of peach that gives a fresh and youthful look. It makes my face glow like no other! I really feel 5 years younger when I wear this.

The texture is smooth and pigmented. I would compare the finish to that of newer MAC beauty powders. It's not shimmery or matte but very finely milled with small light reflecting pearl.

Wearing peach nuance:

MAC limited edition blush ombres are similar to these EL nuance blushes. I don't own ripe peach but from what I have seen peach nuance looks similar. I've heard ripe peach is more shimmery in finish. I really like peach nuance, it sort of squished my lemming for ripe peach.

What is your favorite peach blush?


LiisK said...

Excellent for your complexion :)

Lexa said...

Hi LiisK! thank you, I do really love this blush for the youthful glow.