Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MAC oh so fair beauty powder and hang loose blush dupes?

Wearing oh so fair on one side, hang loose on the other...can you tell the difference?

I was doing some swatching recently and came across some dupes in my stash. Oh so fair beauty powder, and the pink side of hang loose blush are totally similar.

Left: Oh so fair beauty powder Right: hang loose mineralize blush
When swatched you can tell oh so fair is just a little bit warmer than hang loose.

Top: Oh so fair beauty powder Bottom: hang loose mineralize blush

I am wearing oh so fair on the left cheek and hang loose (pink side only) on the right cheek:
I can barely tell the difference when they are on my cheeks.

I know these colors are both limited edition, but if you have one at least you won't feel bad if you missed out on the other. Hang loose is nice to have since the lavender shimmer makes it more versatile. Of course oh so fair comes in the cute packaging, but it was also re-released with hark the heraldry face kit. Both are nice pink colors and have great pigmentation.

See my separate posts on oh so fair beauty powder and hang loose mineralize blush for more details and swatches.

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