Monday, October 18, 2010

The Body shop super volume mascara review

The body shop isn't overly popular for it's makeup, but I tend shop there every once and a while for something different. I really like a few of their single eye shadows.
Their super volume mascara does give some great volume...but I'm not 'super' impressed with it.

Up close of the wand:
The formula is on the dry side. With one coat it really does immediately add some luscious volume. The fibres in it make your lashes longer, but also a little bit crazy.
I added a second coat, and it got a little spidery and clumpy. The little fibers started to go off in different directions, not cool.

Here you can really see how my lashes clumped and went wonky:

I do not like this mascara. It clumped way too easily. And within a few hours it had flaked off beneath my eyes. Not a winner. The only nice thing about it was the fact that it added volume with just one coat.

Price: $14 CAD
My rating: 1 / 5

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