Saturday, October 16, 2010

MAC tunnel of love superglass photos & swatches

MAC superglass is the most insane sparkle you can find in a lip gloss. The pieces of glitter are large, and they do not go unnoticed.
As soon as I saw them I thought 'wow flakies in lip gloss!'. I like flakies in my nail polish, but on the lips it can look a bit over the top. If you aren't familiar with flakies in nail polish just look up Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure nail polish.

Tunnel of love looks scary dark in the tube, but it applies a beautiful brown plum color. The glitter 'flakes' have a really neat gold/orange iridescence to them.

The glitter would not show up properly in my photographs, but trust me it's really pretty in real life.

I love this color, but I don't like the chunks of glitter too much. I wear it for special occasions or at night.

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