Sunday, October 3, 2010

MAC she who dares mineralize eyeshadow duo EOTD, photos, swatches & dupes

Here is what I can tell you about She who dares mes. It's super cool, super glittery and it's a super dupe for NARS night porter & NARS night flight eyeshadows. See more about that below.

The glitter likes to fall out and all over, so a good base is a must.
If you have used MAC's mineralized eyeshadow before, you probably already know that to maximize pigment and intensity it's best to use them wet. If you want a more subtle glitter dry is best.

Swatched dry:

Swatched wet:

Green side Compared to NARS night porter:

Very close dupe. When applied She who dares has a much brighter and nicer sparkle than night porter. Night porter is much more black than green.

Blue side compared with NARS night flight:

They seriously look identical. The only way I can tell the difference is by applying She who dares, the blue sparkles are very bright; whereas in night flight the sparkles are less intense.

So, if you have NARS night flight & night porter, you don't need this. And if you have she who dares, than don't bother with NARS night flight or porter. I personally like the sparkle better in she who dares :) Used wet it looks fantastic for a night out!

My EOTD using both sides of she who dares. after about an hour I had sparkles migrating down my cheeks : /

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