Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion mascara review

Lash Blast Fusion is a combination of Cover Girl's lash blast volumizing brush and lash blast length's lengthening formula.
I did not like the regular Lash Blast (orange tube). It flaked everywhere on me.
I did not like Lash Blast Length (yellow tube) because it didn't give my lashes any volume, and the lengthening was nothing to write home about.
Lash Blast Fusion, however, is not that bad!

The spiky plastic brush:

Exactly the same brush as the original Lash Blast.
Fusion gives my lashes length and volume, without any clumps or flaking! I'm not sure how but they did something right with this formula.
I like how it defines each lash, and even if you load it on it won't clump up since the brush has all these little bristles on it.
It's not my favorite mascara, but if you are on a budget I say check it out.
It gives your lashes a nice natural full fan effect. I just like a bit more intensity to my lashes. Out of all Cover Girl mascaras I absolutely love Volume exact, and if you like a lot of length and volume I would have to recommend that one!

Price: $8.99 CAD
My rating: 4 /5

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