Monday, October 4, 2010

MAC Briar rose beauty powder swatches photos & FOTD

Gotta love that Malifecent packaging, so wicked cool! I like how all the products have the characters in different poses.
Ok so I know this is called a 'beauty powder' , but really, it's a (large) blush. I don't know what else people are going to use this for. Maybe if you are darker complected you could use it to contour a bit, but other than that it would look odd if you used it all over your face.

Swatched lightly:
Such a cute color! like pinky-lilac. I love it.

Swatched heavily:
It's actually pretty pigmented, so use a light hand when applying on fair skin. It is such a great color, I don't really have anything like it. The closest thing I have is Hard Candy 'living doll' blush, which is similar in color, but also is a glitter bomb.
As you can see Briar rose doesn't have any glitter, but super tiny fine light reflecting particles. It really gives a nice glow. My husband said I looked like I had been 'out in the wind' when I used it heavily. So, it mimics a natural flush :)

Here I used it lightly. It gives a nice flushed cheek.

Here I added more so you can see what it looks like better:

I would never usually put on this much blush, but with this color, I want to because I love it! So cute and girly. This would suit anyone.

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