Saturday, December 4, 2010

MAC golden kitty primpin' duo blush swatches and FOTD

I've had my eye on this golden kitty blush ever since I was introduced to MAC cosmetics in 2005. Only recently was I able to acquire it, and it's just as unique as I imagined it would be.
Golden Kitty/Primpin' duo was released with MAC's Doubles collection, in March 2005.

This blush is insanely pigmented!
The pink side is so bright, it would make a great eyeshadow!

Both sides separately:

both sides mixed together:

Mixed together the colors create a really gorgeous glowy coral. It's the brightest blush I've ever tried.

Here's my FOTD wearing both colors of golden kitty mixed together. I applied it really light, but even then it just seemed all too bright on my pale skin!

I am wearing my red queen garnet lip stain here as well, I thought it would suit the overall look.


Tali said...

I never saw one of these before. They look so interesting i wish they would do more duo blushes!
Stunning pic hon!

Lexa said...

Hi Tali! they are quite beautiful, thank you so much :)