Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stila Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette photos, swatches and EOTD

I've wanted this palette for ages, and I was happy to recently get it, since it is limited edition.
It retails for $40 USD, (quoted at a '$72 value').

The case itself is quite adorable, the Barbie face on it is like a hologram and she closes her eyes when you move it in the light.

I was never really a fan of Stila products until I tried this palette, the eyeshadows are absolutely lovely!
The four colors are designed to work together, and the talking thing is supposed to walk you through the application. I didn't listen to it because it seemed a bit weird to me and I don't like being told what to do, hah.

The colors are so pigmented it's crazy.

L to R:

base - light shimmery cool pink, it's smooth and blends really well
lid - cool barbie pink, this one is my least favorite, it's slightly chalky in texture and it makes my eyes look tired.
crease - deep reddened pink, almost 'maroon' my favorite color of them all.
liner - dark purple with blue flash, this is very richly pigmented and gorgeous

These are amazing colors for green eyes, but would work really nicely with any eye color since they are so vivid.

I've been using this a lot since I've got it, I really enjoy playing with the colors. Here are 3 different EOTD looks I've done using it! After each set of EOTD's there is a breakdown of the eyeshadow application.


EOTD #1 break down :

I used the shimmery base color from lid to brow, then I used the purple liner color in the crease and outer half of the eye. I blended the crease upwards using the pink lid color.

EOTD #2 (my favorite!)

EOTD #2 break down:

These pictures don't even do this justice. It looked so smoky and sexy IRL!
First I used the pink lid color all over my lids and up into the crease. Then I used the reddish crease color above the crease and in the outer corner. I concentrated the color into the crease by layering more of the reddish eyeshadow in there. Then I used the pink lid color again to blend upwards from above the crease, to really smoke it out.
Last, I used the purple liner color to line the top and bottom lash lines. I applied the purple liner wet to make it stand out more.


EOTD #3 break down:

I used all colors in the palette for this one.
First, I applied the shimmery base color all the way from lid to brow.
Then I used the light pink lid color on the lid. It didn't show up very well over the shimmery base.
I used the crease color to define my crease, and then lined my lower lash line with the purple liner color. I lightly lined the top lash line too, it looked quite subtle since I used it dry.

What do you think of Stila eyeshadows? Are they worth the money?

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