Friday, December 3, 2010

Dior DiorShow Black Out Mascara review

My favorite mascara of all I've tried, and I haven't given it a review yet? oh wow. It's about time!

This mascara is the most essential beauty tool for smokin' eyes. It's the answer to your false lash phobias, and lash extension dreams.
I personally have horrible luck trying to use false eyelashes. I love the effect, but I just can't get it right, especially when I'm in a rush! This is why I continue to purchase diorshow black out.

Close up of the blackout brush:
Essentially, it's the same large brush as the regular diorshow. The formula, is different. Black out has the blackest black pigment you'll ever find in a mascara, and it doesn't have the cloying rose scent of the regular version.

The formula is 'wet', meaning it doesn't dry very fast. This is excellent for building up layers to achieve long, fake looking lashes. It also means the formula will remain stable for longer than the majority, because the tube won't dry out for a long time.
I like to use about 4 coats to get a really intense effect, and I promise it won't clump at all if you work quickly - while it remains wet.
The large brush reaches every lash, even ones you didn't know you had, adding perfectly distributed length and volume.
Even with thick layers of black out on, I have never had any flaking, smudging or smearing!

I really have nothing bad to say about black out, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes dramatic mascara.
The price point is quite high, but it is well worth it. If you don't want to spend big money on mascara check out Prestige my biggest lashes, which I mention in this post. It gives similar results for 1/4 of the price.

Repurchase? I have repurchased 2 times and I will absolutely continue to!

Price: $24 USD, $29 CAD

Rating: 5/5

Wearing black out 4 coats, layered while wet
Here I let it dry between coats, so it got a bit clumpy :/

This is the closest mascara to HG status I have found. Have you found an HG mascara? I'd love to know!


Bubblefairy said...

This looks the best on your eyelashes from all the pictures. The pictures are great. I too have been searching for my HG mascara all my adult life, and each time I find one I really like they discontinue it! Your pics are great as that is what you want to know when you read a mascara review - what does it look like on? I am using the Falsies at the moment, and not sure if I like it. It makes me look as though I have been crying, when all the lashes clump together like spiders! So thank you for a great site, and good luck with your search...x

Lexa said...

Hi bubblefairy,
Thank you so much for your positive comments :)
My goal is to give honest reviews and pictures that actually show the product.
Honestly, you need to try Prestige my biggest lashes if you can. It's the best drugstore mascara I have ever used. Blackout is amazing but it is expensive.
I found the falsies to be a little clumpy too, my biggest lashes is way better :)
Thanks again!

Bubblefairy said...

Thanks Lexa,

I will try Prestige - I was looking at My Blackest Lashes, but lots of reviews say that My Biggest Lashes is better.

My favourite was Maybelline Lash Stylist - it had a tricky brush to get used to but it made my lashes so long, glossy and defined...but guess what? they discontinued it!

Lash Stiletto is quite good for legnthening, but not black enough for me.

Keep up the good work

Lexa said...

I wasn't impressed with my blackest lashes, and it wasn't any blacker than the very black my biggest lashes.
I know a lot of people liked lash stylist, why would they discontinue it?
The best products always seem to disappear :(

happy holidays and good luck on your hunt :)