Thursday, December 23, 2010

MAC Heritage rouge pigment swatches, EOTD and dupes

Heritage Rouge has got to be one of my favorite MAC pigments of all time. It's a very rich deep maroon color with a metallic finish.
It was originally released with the Overrich pigment collection in 2008, but have no fear it is still available at MAC pro stores.
It is really unique. It has equal parts purple, red and brown for an overall stunning color with a superb texture.
I've been hunting for an eyeshadow dupe in pressed form for a while, since I don't always have time to use messy pigments. I don't like pressing pigments either, they tend to crumble too much.
So finally I have found a few colors that are very similar in tone to heritage rouge.

Left to right:
MAC play on plums , heritage rouge, Bourjois prune captivante 43 :

Left to right:

Swatches of MAC play on plums , heritage rouge, Bourjois prune captivante 43 :

Bourjois prune captivante is the exact same color, but it doesn't have the metallic finish. MAC play on plums is close but slightly more brown than heritage rouge. All of these eyeshadows look very similar when applied to the eyes.

My EOTD using heritage rouge:

If you check out my previous post on MAC play on plums mineralize eyeshadow duo you will see a very similar EOTD. They really are close dupes.

EOTD breakdown:
- MAC painterly paint pot
- Heritage rouge pigment all over lid
- Melon pigment in the crease
- Bourjois prune captivante on lower lash line
- cover girl black fire liquiline blast on waterline
- NARS all about eve duo to blend and highlight
- Chanel inimitable mascara

This color is just stunning for green eyes. It's a must have! It would look great with any eye color but it makes green just pop like nothing else.

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