Friday, December 17, 2010

Lexa's beauty secret #2

The epitome of all things beauty, is your skin.
It is your canvas, and it is with you for your whole life.
To look your best you need to take care of it!

One of my beauty secrets is to make sure I exfoliate my skin gently, every single day. Why?
Your skin sheds 1000's of cells daily, and over time it can build up and look dull.
By removing the dead cells, you make room for the new cells to come through revealing a brighter more healthy looking complexion.

You can definitely overdo it, too much scrubbing can lead to irritation, increased oil production or even blemishes - so you need to be careful not to use any harsh exfoliating products or cleansers.

The best ways to exfoliate :
  • Use a clean warm washcloth and gently massage your skin with a mild cleanser. secret: microfiber cloths, which are typically sold for cleaning cars - work magnificently! They only cost about $2
  • Use exfoliating cleansing cloths. These are so handy, my personal favorite. They remove all traces of foundation while gently exfoliating your skin. I use and recommend Olay daily facials skin soothing cleansing cloths. They are really great for sensitive skin.

  • Use an exfoliating scrub. This can be tricky since there are so many scrubs out there, and many have the potential to harm your skin if the particles in it are too big. They can actually cut your skin! So be careful and choose one that has small smooth beads. My favorite is Olay Definity pore redefining scrub. I'd recommend it, unless you have extremely sensitive skin.

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