Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NOTD: Revlon top speed nail polish hazy

Yes another grey nail polish because I can never seem to get enough of them. I promised myself I'm not going to buy any more in the new year since I have about 10 now, in varying shades of gloom.
I thought this was the perfect Grey.

In the bottle it is perfect. But when I applied it, it turned a shade darker on my nails, and went very slightly blue toned. It's about a shade or so lighter than Rimmel grey matter.

I don't think I'll ever find the perfect light grey color that doesn't turn brown, purple or blue toned on me. I just want a neutral mix of black and white on the lighter side. I give up.

I have to say that the new Revlon top speeds wear wonderfully! I used 2 coats, no top coat, and it didn't chip at all until I took it off 3 days later. Very impressed, 5/5! I'm going to check out more colors soon.

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Avantika said...

hey! try OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts! :)