Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen Underland Garnet Lip Stain photos and swatches

I saw this cute lip stain on the shelves recently, and although I don't do 'reds' too often I just had to have it. I mean the packaging is so adorable, and there is even a mirror on the side of the gloss for easy touch ups.
I was surprised the lip stain itself is quite nice. It's got the texture of a gloss, but I think it is best described as a liquid lipstick since it stays on longer than a gloss would.
The blood orange scent is really yummy, it smells like vanilla and tangerines to me.

It is a lovely shade of red, and I think it would suit an array of skin tones.

I found this at winners, which is the Canadian TJ Maxx. I love finding cool American stuff there that no other store around would have.

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