Sunday, December 5, 2010

MAC pigments lithe and your ladyship photos and swatches

Above: Lithe (left) your ladyship (right)

For some reason I thought these two pigments might be similar, but they actually couldn't be more different.

L: Lithe R: your ladyship
Lithe was released with MAC's Fabulous felines collection 2010. It is a slightly shimmery gold color. It's very similar to Naked pigment, but I think it is a little bit brighter and more golden toned than naked. I can't compare swatches since I got rid of naked, it was too 'fleshy' and boring for me. Lithe is absolutely more intense.

Your ladyship was released with MAC's Antiquitease collection 2007. It is a very light whitened gold color with fine shimmer. It makes a really nice subtle highlight. It's vanilla pigment's little sister, with less shimmer and no pink iredescence.

L: Lithe, R: your ladyship

Wearing lithe on the lid:

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