Monday, December 13, 2010

NARS mascara black orchid review

Interesting, it seems as though NARS regular mascaras have disappeared off the website. I guess the larger than life mascaras have recently replaced them.
Ultimately, I had wanted to try this mascara because it is called black orchid. There was another one as well called bamboo, which is a brown black.

The wand on this mascara is just your basic spoolie brush. Nothing special at all.

The one thing that really made me dislike this product is the strong rose scent. It is so putrid I can't stand it. Exactly the same scent as the regular diorshow. I just don't see a reason to put perfume in your mascara.

The formula is however, quite nice. It goes on evenly, and lengthens your lashes in one swipe. Another swipe and it adds some decent volume, while remaining natural looking.

One coat:
The black orchid color is a nice deep true black. I am impressed with that.
As far as layering goes, this doesn't do so well. Two coats and your lashes will start to get a little thick...
two coats:
It actually looks great with two coats, but any more than that and your lashes will start to look really fat and spidery. I don't like that at all.

3 coats: lashes are now looking like spider legs.

Overall, it's not a bad mascara but it's also just as good as any drugstore brand.
It lasts all day long without smudging or smearing which is excellent.
For the price I wouldn't recommend it. It's not that nice. And the smell just bothers me.
I am curious to see if the larger than life mascara's are any better than this. Although black orchid is more inciting to me just because of the name!

Repurchase? NO

Price: $23 USD

Rating: 3/5

Have you ever bought a cosmetic product just because you liked the name?


Tammy said...

Your lashes are naturally so long I hardly think it's fair! lol Yup I've decided after testing out so many mascaras that some drugstore mascaras are just as good as the $30+ ones now hehe

Lexa said...

Hi Tammy, aw thanks :)
I totally agree, a lot of drugstore mascaras now are just as good as high end ones!