Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pure Luxe Alloy eyeshadow photos, swatches and EOTD

I really like using Pure luxe eyeshadows, they are really pigmented and offer a wide variety of unique colors. The price is right too!

Alloy is a rich deep gold color, part of the Heavy metalz collection. It's very very pigmented and has a strong metallic finish.

Alloy reminds me of NARS Balthazar duo. I think it's definitely a close dupe of the gold side. Check out my swatches of NARS Balthazar duo here.

And this is my EOTD wearing Alloy:


LiisK said...

Before investing heavily in Pure Luxe, check out TKB first. If you check out TKB Trading's metallic collection, you're in for a surprise ;)

Lexa said...

Hi Liisk, I have recently just tried a couple TKB pigment samples and WOW they are really nice :) I will definitely be getting some more!