Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dior Diorshow iconic mascara review

Diorshow iconic is another in the lineup of Dior's mascara's designed to give extraordinary results.
The claim: 'The extra-hold formula provides a 24-hour-curl with 100% smudge-proof results.'

The wand is completely different from Diorshow, as is the formula.
The brush is loaded with tiny teeth that are meant to separate your lashes one by one.

The wand:

I have to say that the formula is rather odd. It doesn't really dry. It seems to hold onto moisture and stay flexible.
I know this because I had an interesting experience after using this the first time.
A few hours after I had applied it I felt sick and took a nap. I got up and started to fix my makeup, I looked at my lashes and was horrified! They were completely bent out of shape and sticking up in different directions. None of the mascara had smudged or flaked at all. Instead it completely stuck to my lashes and acted like a gel to hold them up any way they moved. It was weird.

The brush really curls your lashes upwards, as you can see my lashes look quite lifted here:

2 coats:
Two coats and my lashes look defined, a little longer and thicker. Nothing spectacular. I'm not overly impressed.
With the so-so results of two coats I try layering more, and this is what happens:

4 coats:
I get the length and volume I want but my lashes start to go a little wonky! Not to mention it starts to clump. Iconic does not do well with more than 2 coats.
So here is what Iconic is good for, curling up your lashes. It didn't smudge smear or flake, but it was also very hard to remove. I ended up losing a few lashes just trying to get it all off! It really sticks.

Overall, I am unimpressed with the results of Iconic. If I want length and separation I will buy a drugstore mascara. If I want my lashes to look curled I will use an eyelash curler. I was expecting more for $30 dollars. I would not reccomend this to anyone.
A great mascara to lift and lengthen lashes is Rimmel eye magnifier, you can see my review here. It does just as well a job as Iconic.

Here is a pic of me wearing Rimmel eye magnifier - just as good as Iconic! (actually better) :

Repurchase? no.

Price: $27 USD, $31 CAD

Rating: 2/5


Tammy said...

I gave a negative review for Iconic as well. I'm so disappointed in this $30 mascara--$30!!! It makes my lashes wonky too if I overcoat (2+ layers), but if I don't, it looks like I'm not even wearing mascara at all. Booo!

Lexa said...

Hi Tammy, yep it is a waste of money! You should try diorshow blackout, I think you would like it :)