Friday, December 10, 2010

NARS Jezebel eyeshadow duo photos, swatches and EOTD

Here is a Duo Eyeshadow that you don't see very often. Jezebel is described as shimmering lavender/ shimmering sable. Definitely an intriguing pair.

The lavender side can come off a bit chalky, but the sable color is really gorgeous and glimmery.
This color is still available at The Official Site of NARS Cosmetics for a limited time. Just look in the vintage eyeshadow section.

Looking at the two colors, it seems almost impossible to make them work. I actually like the contrasting effect when using such warm and cool colors together. This duo looks great with green or blue eyes.

EOTD using Jezebel:

Although I really like these colors, I am slightly disappointed in the wear of them. They seem to fade through the day, and become quite muted. Sometimes NARS eyeshadows are hard to work with.


Tammy said...

These colours are pretty! Too bad the wear isn't that good especially considering the price of NARS eyeshadoes :|

Lexa said...

Hi Tammy! yes the payoff is a little disappointing, but I still like to wear it anyways since the colors are pretty unique :)