Saturday, November 6, 2010

MAC darkly my dear blush photos and swatches

I think that the Cruella deville line in MAC's venomous villains collection was the least popular. I wasn't really drawn to it much, but darkly my dear caught my eye from the start.
I swatched it a few times, figuring it's way too dark for my NC10 skin. Well, at MAC the other day I got my friend who works there to try it on me. I loved it!
It's not like any other blush I own. It's really a unique color. Deep yet not too dark. Brown but not warm, not really cool either. Neutral deep nude. There is a slight reddish plum undertone to it that I really like.

Of course, this blush is best to contour with. I don't think it's really meant to be put onto the apples of the cheek. It looks great right under the cheekbone.
I layered it very heavily in these photos, but IRL I use it very sparingly to avoid an 'overdone' look.

I'm loving this for fall!


Tammy said...

This shade looks gorgeous on you! ^^

Lexa said...

Thanks Tammy, I absolutely adore it! It's a really unique color :)

Anonymous said...

"Sol" - I never thought that such dark, "earthy" color could look so amazing soft and radiant...