Monday, November 15, 2010

MAC Dainty mineralize blush photos, swatches and comparisons

I was so excited to get my hands on dainty, I thought it would be the cutest pink blush. Well, it's cute but it's not really pink, it's peach. It's surprisingly very pigmented and if I apply too much it turns orange on my fair skin.
It's very satin smooth texture makes this blush a dream to apply. There is very fine particles of golden shimmer in it as well, making it a gorgeous warm coral peach color.

I found a close enough dupe in my stash, NARS super orgasm:

They are in the same color family, but Super orgasm is just a little bit deeper pink toned than dainty. Dainty comes off more coral peach, whereas super o is a little bit more pink than peach.

left: NARS super orgasm right: MAC dainty

I also swatched it with MAC marine life highlight powder, they are very similar as well but marine life is even more pigmented and a shade or so brighter.

left: dainty right: marine life high light powder

This is me wearing dainy, I don't like how warm it is. But it would look lovely in the summer with tanned skin!

I am absolutely in love with MAC's mineralize blushes, and I can't wait to try more!

Orgasm Illuminator


Tammy said...

I had Dainty too but gave it away to a friend in want of a pink blush. It's a bit on the yellow side for me I think but it's still really pretty ^^

Lexa said...

Hi Tammy, yes dainty is pretty! I just found it oddly misleading - it looks so pink in the pot but applies as such a warm color with hardly any pink.