Monday, November 8, 2010

Lancome Définicils mascara review

Lancome is known for their range of high performance mascaras, and they are easily one of the top mascara brands world wide.
Définicils is not my personal favorite from Lancome, but overall it's not bad.

From Lancome:
'The exclusive formula contains bio-selective polymers (1.1%) that cling to the damaged rim of each lash scale, thus adhering to the lash via a system of electric attraction.'

wow- 'electric attraction' - interesting. They made it sound so scientifically ingenious but in reality I don't find this to 'cling' any different than say, Rimmel eye magnifier mascara.
What exactly does 'damaged rim' imply of my lashes? I'm really wondering.

The brush, I don't like it too much. It's very hard and almost spiky.
When applying, sometimes when you try to get it right into the lash line it scratches your inner eye rims. I always dislike that kind of brush, because once it scratches then my eyes water all day and are irritated until I wash off my makeup.

Définicils provide excellent lash separation, curl hold and length.
I didn't have any flaking or smudging at all when wearing this, even when my eyes were watering from the sharp brush.
It doesn't add very much volume, but great if you like the natural look.
It lasted me a while without drying out, or getting clumpy.
My main gripe with this is the price point. For $30 I can get Diorshow blackout, and I will spend that much on it because it works for me - so if you think this will work for you then it very well might be worth it.

price: 31.00 CAD

rating 3.5/5

repurchase: no

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