Friday, November 19, 2010

Rimmel stay glossy lipgloss black diva photos and swatches

Something (else) I am a little obsessed with, is black lip gloss!
I am used to using sheer black glosses that just give your lips a hint of darkness, but this one surprised me. It's truly opaque black!

The stay glossy line is supposed to last 6 hours on your lips. Well I think they do last quite a while, I was pretty impressed.

It's hard to get a nice and even application of such a dark color, but it sheers out nicely.

I smoothed it a bit with my fingers to lighten it up a little.

It was still too dark, so I took off a bit more, and I loved the result!

In case your wondering, I am wearing circle lenses! you can see my review on them here.

I love using a black lip gloss over bright pink lipstick, it gives me a really unique purple toned color that I adore. Try it!

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