Friday, November 12, 2010

MAC mineralize eyeshadow trio fresh and easy photos, swatches and EOTD

This trio is from MAC in the groove collection. Out of all the eyeshadow trios this one caught my eye the most. A cool pink, a warm plummy color and a cool light blue...really an odd few colors to put together.
These trios are different than most of MAC's mineralized eyeshadows.
They have a silky satin type of texture and no real chunky glitter particles. There is very fine shimmer in them, almost matte but not quite.
Swatched dry:

Swatched wet:
The middle color is very reminiscent of MAC's eyeshadow in Cranberry. I swatched them together and Cranberry is definitely more red. The middle color is a lot closer to star violet, which is more purple toned than cranberry.

Surprisingly, this trio makes for an interesting yet low key neutral eye.
None of the colors are overly bright, and they were sheer enough to add a wash of color without looking tacky.
I used the blue color on the lid and also to line the lower lashes, the deep plum color in the crease and the pink to blend upwards above the crease.
You could definitely make a bolder look with fresh and easy by using the colors wet. I definately need to experiment with this one some more!


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